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Introducing our Wide Receivers Coach, the legendary Eric Guliford!

We are beyond thrilled to have Coach Guliford join our coaching staff, bringing a wealth of football experience and expertise that will undoubtedly take our Wide Receivers to new heights!

Coach Guliford is a true local football legend, boasting an impressive background from his high school days at Peoria to his collegiate career at ASU, and finally, a remarkable 10-year professional journey.

During his time in the NFL, Eric showcased his incredible talent, leaving a lasting impact on the field while representing prestigious teams like the Minnesota Vikings, Carolina Panthers, and New Orleans Saints.


Not only did he shine in the NFL, but Coach Guliford continued to make waves in the CFL, proving to be a valuable player for both the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and the Saskatchewan Rough Riders.

From 1993 to 2002, Eric's dedication and skill were evident in every game he played, demonstrating a level of excellence that few can match.

Now, as our Wide Receivers Coach, Eric Guliford's impressive career speaks volumes about his ability to excel in the game, and we have no doubt that his personal experiences on the field and passion for the sport will be invaluable assets to our team.

With Coach Guliford on board, we are excited to witness our players grow, thrive, and reach new levels of excellence under his exceptional guidance and expertise.

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