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Safety First: Our Proactive Approach to Head Injuries in Youth Football


At War Dogs Football, the safety and well-being of our young athletes are our utmost priorities. We deeply appreciate the trust you place in us by allowing your child to engage in what we believe is the greatest team sport. To uphold this trust, we take a proactive and informed approach to one of football's most critical concerns: head injuries, particularly concussions.


Expertise in Concussion Management


We are proud to have Lee Brush, our Coaching Director, leading our safety initiatives. Lee's background is deeply rooted in football; he is not only the son of a football coach but also a former Safety at Purdue University. More significantly, Lee has served as the concussion program manager at the renowned Mayo Clinic. This unique combination of personal experience and professional expertise positions him exceptionally to oversee our concussion safety protocols.


Our Commitment to Research-Backed Protocols


Under Coach Brush's guidance, we've adopted the most advanced and research-validated concussion management protocols available. These protocols were developed in collaboration with the world's top concussion specialists, ensuring that we provide the highest standard of care to our young athletes.


Educating Our Football Family


We believe that education is a vital part of our safety strategy. To this end, we highly recommend our parents to engage with the Mayo Clinic Concussion Video Series. These videos offer comprehensive insights into understanding, identifying, treating, and preventing concussions. Here is a structured guide to viewing the series:

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